Annual General Meeting: Election Results and Documents

The QPIRG-McGill 2015 AGM was both enjoyable and spirited– a HUGE thank you to all who attended and most of all, to our volunteers, working groups, and staff, who do such amazing work!

The results of the Board and CRCC elections are as follows:

Community Board Members: Wai-Yant Li (new), Kai O’Doherty (returning), Molly Swain (new), Emily Yee Clare (returning) 

Student Board members: Ella Belfer (returning), Melis Cagan (new), Leah Paul (returning), Nate Philip (new), Kelly Schieder (new), Fauziat Serunjogi (new), Aishwarya Singh (new), Ayesha Talreja (new)

CRCC Elected Members  Becca Yu, Annie Preston , Kai-Cheng Thom

We would like to thank everyone who ran in this year’s (competitive) election, as well as our outgoing Board members: Cadence, Addison, Nicholle, Azad, Brooke, Cameron, Farin, and Robin: you have all done such amazing work!

Our Annual Reports are below.

Annual Report 2015

Working Groups Annual Report