<!--:en-->DarkMatter is our Culture Shock Keynote! <!--:-->

DarkMatter is our Culture Shock Keynote!

DARKMATTER is a trans south asian art and activist collaboration comprised of janani and alok. Using poetry & polemic, tweet & tirade DM is committed to an art practice of gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building.

<!--:en-->The School Schmool Agendas are Here! <!--:-->

The School Schmool Agendas are Here!

SCHOOL SCHMOOL, the ad-free, anti-corporate organizer and alternative agenda, is now available at both QPIRG McGill and QPIRG Concordia and other locations.

<!--:en-->We’re Hiring a Campus Outreach Coordinator<!--:-->

We’re Hiring a Campus Outreach Coordinator

Application Deadline: September 14th, 2014, at 5pm Contract Details: This is a part time position (approximately 10 hours a week), at $18.38/hr. The contract begins September 22nd, 2014 and ends April 22nd, 2015.

<!--:en-->We’re Under Construction! <!--:-->

We’re Under Construction!

We’re in the middle of rebuilding our website… Thank you for your patience and get in touch via email if you have any other questions! qpirg@ssmu.mcgill.ca.

<!--:en-->We’re Hiring a Culture Shock Coordinator<!--:--><!--:fr-->On Embauche un Coordinateur/trice de Culture Shock<!--:-->

We’re Hiring a Culture Shock CoordinatorOn Embauche un Coordinateur/trice de Culture Shock

Application Deadline: September 15th  This position is hired through the Student’s Society of McGill University (SSMU) in collaboration with QPIRG-McGill. Click here for a PDF of the application information: Culture Shock 2014

<!--:en-->QPIRG-McGill is Hiring: Work Study Librarian <!--:--><!--:fr-->QPIRG McGill Embauche: Coordinateur/trice de Bibliotheque<!--:-->

QPIRG-McGill is Hiring: Work Study Librarian QPIRG McGill Embauche: Coordinateur/trice de Bibliotheque

QPIRG-McGill is Hiring an Alternative Resource Centre Coordinator Application Deadline: September 7th at midnight Click here for a PDF of the Application: Resource Center Coord 2014 Please note: the position is made possible through McGill’s work-study program, and as such all applicants must be eligible for work-study.

<!--:en-->Working Group Applications are Open<!--:--><!--:fr-->APPEL À CANDIDATURE : DEVENEZ UN COMITÉ DE TRAVAIL (Date limite le 10 septembre)<!--:-->

Working Group Applications are OpenAPPEL À CANDIDATURE : DEVENEZ UN COMITÉ DE TRAVAIL (Date limite le 10 septembre)

Between August 26th and September 12th, QPIRG-McGill will be accepting applications for new and returning working groups. We invite applications from any and all groups who are interested in social and environmental justice issues, and who are committed to an anti-oppressive mandate.  Du 26 août au 12 septembre, le GRIP-McGill accepte des candidatures pour comités de(…)

<!--:en-->Rad Frosh is Seeking Facilitators, Workshops<!--:-->

Rad Frosh is Seeking Facilitators, Workshops

Radical Frosh is a 3-day orientation program that is organized by QPIRG-McGill. As an alternative frosh program, Rad Frosh offers both a creative and politically progressive orientation to over 200 new students.

<!--:en-->QPIRG-McGill is Hiring an Accessibility Researcher<!--:--><!--:fr-->Hello world!<!--:-->

QPIRG-McGill is Hiring an Accessibility ResearcherHello world!

PIRG McGill is Hiring: Policy Researcher on Accessibility Application Deadline: Sunday, July 13thth, at midnight. Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

<!--:en-->Monster Academy: Mental Health Resource Callout<!--:-->

Monster Academy: Mental Health Resource Callout

One of two QPIRG-McGill summer stipend projects, the “MONSTER ACADEMY: Mental Health Skills for Montréal Youth”, is working to create a curriculum for a social justice-oriented workshop series designed to provide accessible, anti-oppressive mental health skills training for youth aged 16-25.