Get involved in Rad Frosh 2015: Fall Out of Orbit!

What is Radical Frosh?

Radical Frosh is a 3-day orientation program that is organized by QPIRG-McGill. As an alternative orientation program, Rad Frosh offers both a creative and politically progressive orientation to over 200 new students. Throughout the weekend, students will participate in walking and bike tours, concerts, art-making, a ‘zine and book fair, film screenings, and workshops, introducing students to various social, political, and environmental issues, movements, and organizations at McGill and in Montreal. We hope that by presenting a wide range of both educational and recreational activities, new students will have a fun weekend and become familiarized with local social and environmental organizing. This year Radical Frosh will take place from September 4th to 6th, and we’d love for you and/or your group to participate!


This year’s theme, ‘Fall Out of Orbit’, is inspired by our love of science fiction as a creative genre and a vehicle for imagining radical possibilities for the future.

How you can get involved:

We are looking for groups and/or individuals to:

(1) Facilitate workshops and lead radical walking tours
(2) Become facilitators
(3) Share a skill at the DIY fair
(4) Volunteer with the Harm Reduction Squad
(5) Propose other collaborations

  1. Give a workshop or tour! | Deadline for proposals – Monday, July 29th at 11 am

Workshops and tours are an integral part of the Radical Frosh program. By offering a large variety of workshops, students are able to familiarize themselves with issues, movements, organizations, activities, ideas, etc. that most invigorate them. Tours take place both on and off McGill campus and aim at orienting new students to the city as well as providing them with a greater social and political context to their new environments with some of its radical and/or underground history. Most tours are walking tours, but bus tours and bicycle tours are also possible!

Workshops and tours are also a great way for those in the Montreal community to provide outreach and engage in discussion with new students (who will hopefully become fellow organizers and community members), while keeping in mind that many participants are new to the city and to radical politics. We work hard to maximize the accessibility of Rad Frosh, from event venues to workshop material, and ask you to keep the audience in mind when you develop your workshop and/or tour.

An honorarium of $120 will be provided for each workshop or tour.

We strongly encourage both new and experienced workshop animators to apply!

What we’re looking for in workshops and tours:

Workshops and walking tours will take place on Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th during the afternoon.

Each workshop will have up to 30 participants.

Workshops and tours should:

  • emphasize organizing on a local level
  • act as a critical introduction to anti-oppression and radical activism while investigating ways that students can incorporate these into their everyday lives
  • have content at an introductory level, though we welcome workshops/tours offering a nuanced level of critical analysis
  • use language that is accessible to non-university educated youth
  • engage participants to learn in participatory, interactive, and non-verbal ways
  • relate to social and/or environmental justice from an anti-colonial, feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, pro-survivor, etc perspective

We’d also really like to see workshops and tours which include information that’s specifically useful for youth starting out in a new city.

We strongly discourage workshops that replicate the educational structure of the university: an expert or authority transmitting abstract concepts and knowledge to a group of silent students.

Although the working language of the program is English, we strongly encourage workshops that are held in French. Please state the language of your workshop in your proposal.

We welcome closed workshops- that are open to people of colour and/or women and trans and/or queer and/or other marginalized identities only.

Past workshops have included:

  • Theater for Activism 101
  • Who owes whom? – The Origins and Impacts of Third World Debt
  • Bust Our Your Skills: Art, Activism and Self-Representation
  • Our Home on Native Land? Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples
  • Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow: An Introduction to Radical Queer Politics
  • National Security, Racism and Islamophobia
  • Anarchy 101
  • Consent and Accountability: An Introduction to Community-Based Responses to Sexual Assault
  • Campus Life Through Slanted Eyes: Issues of Race in Canadian Post-Secondary Education
  • “Our Terrain of Struggle”: Migration and Global Apartheid
  • Back to the Future- The Student Movement Past and Present
  • Reproductive Justice and Self-Determination
  • Reclaiming Green Space in the City: An Introduction to Urban Agriculture and Guerrilla Gardening in Montreal

Past walking tours have included:

  • “Montreal Street Art Nowest!!”
  • Yiddish Anarchists, Bastard Cops and Queer Pirates: An Incendiary Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Montreal
  • Mapping the Presence of Canada’s Military Industrial Complex in Montreal
  • St-Remi Big Farm Business Bus Tour
  • McGuilty: Reality Tour of Old McGill
  • From Faubourg a m’lasse to the Gay Village: How Pink Money Isn’t Doing it for Everyone

Please include the following points in your proposal:

  • The title of your workshop or tour
  • A summary of the goals/focus of the workshop or tour
  • A detailed outline of your workshop or tour including time constraints. For tours, please let us know if your tour would be inaccessible to people with mobility-related disabilities.
  • Any props, equipment or space requirements you might need (please let us know ASAP so we can book them in advance)
  • A description of your workshop that you’d like to see in promo materials and on our website (if different than above)
  • A short (2-3 sentence) biography of the individuals or group presenting the workshop or tour.

If you or your community group/organization has an idea for a workshop presentation or tour, please submit a proposal to Radical Frosh Coordinators, Jaime and Sara, at by Monday, JULY 27, 2015! Email proposals are preferred, but please feel free to stop by QPIRG McGill or call us at 514-398-7432 to make other arrangements if needed!


  1. Become a facilitator! | Deadline for applications – Monday, August 3rd at 11 am

Facilitators are non-hierarchical frosh leaders who are at the heart of the Rad Frosh experience! Facilitators will be paired up and be responsible for working with one group of new students throughout the weekend. It’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn more about the amazing organizing being done on campus and in Montreal.

Rad Frosh Facilitators are expected to:

  • participate in programming on the evening of Friday, September 4th, and all day on both Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th
  • ensure that our first-year participants have a fun, educational, and as safe as possible time during the program
  • help participants navigate the campus and city
  • play a mentorship role for the participants in their group
  • be a non judgemental, harm reductive, and respectful guide for their group of participants throughout the weekend

We encourage individuals who have experience working with youth and who are, or would like to become more, engaged in radical/community organizing to apply.

Note that all facilitators (both new and returning) are required to complete a MANDATORY facilitator training, and will be expected to sign a Facilitator Accountability Agreement.

Training will take place on Tuesday, September 1st from 5 – 9 pm and Wednesday, September 2nd from 5 – 9 pm. It is mandatory that facilitators attend BOTH days of training. Details will be sent to all facilitators after they apply!

If you’re interested, please fill out the Facilitator Application Form by AUGUST 3rd, 2015.


  1. Share a skill at the Do-It-Yourself Fair! | Deadline for Applications: Monday, August 10th at 11 am

Radical Frosh 2015 is having a DIY Fair again this year! The Do It Yourself (DIY) activities fair at Rad Frosh is an interactive opportunity for participants to learn about a variety of things in a comfortable environment, for Froshies to discover new skills and participate on various activities! Last year activities included skillshares on making zines, radical home economics, bike repairs, herbal remedies, sexual health, and more! The Fair will be taking place on the Sunday, September 6th from 11 am to 1:30 pm.  

We are looking for groups or individuals to set up a small area or table with demonstrations, art-making, and/or skill-sharing! We are seeking groups who would be willing to conduct activities that emphasize a queer, anti-racist, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, anti-ableist, feminist framework, and local content.

As well as an activity, we welcome you to bring other resources or informative material, that you or your group would normally table with, such as buttons, stickers, and flyers.

If interested in participating, please email us the following information:

  • Your name/Contact information
  • A brief summary of you/your organization
  • Your idea for an activity/skillshare/demonstration
  • Questions or comments:

Email proposals (to Jaime and Sara at are preferred, but please feel free to stop by QPIRG-McGill or call us at 514-398-7432 to make other arrangements if needed!

Honouraria will be available to DIY Fair presenters. Please submit proposals by AUGUST 10th, 2015.


  1. Volunteer with our Harm Reduction Squad! | Deadline: Monday, August 3rd

The Harm Reduction Squad is one of the most important aspects in making Rad Frosh and accessible and safe(r) space!

The HRS is usually made up of 10 – 15 volunteers who each do one or two 3 hour volunteer shifts over the course of the weekend. The HRS is present at every Rad Frosh event to give out harm reduction materials (from ear plugs to condoms to zines on drug safety), help participants navigate the city, and provide general support. Members of the HRS are the non judgemental,  friendly face that steps in to support participants who may need a hand getting home at night, or may just be feeling out of place.

HRS volunteers should already have experience providing harm reductive support. We also welcome volunteers’ input and participation in the planning process.

If you are interested in volunteering with this year’s Harm Reduction Squad please contact us to tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with harm reduction by email at, or if you prefer you may also call us at 514-398-7432 to chat or make arrangements to stop by QPIRG-McGill.


  1. General call for for collaboration! | Contact us as soon as possible

If you’re a young musician, performer, DJ, (whatever!) – we’re looking for DJs and performers for a dance party, musicians for our concert, or if you have other talents that you think could fit in at Rad Frosh please contact us with some of your past work! We are open to hearing from young artists who we may not have heard about (yet!). We are also open to collaborate on other events and projects, as we are looking to create a program with a wide array of activities and learning opportunities!
Get in touch by email at, or if you prefer you may also call us at 514-398-7432 to chat or make arrangements to stop by QPIRG-McGill.