Come celebrate the launch of ☾ Giving Birth to Yourself ☽, a poetry chapbook

Come celebrate the launch of ☾ Giving Birth to Yourself ☽, a poetry chapbook by KAI CHENG THOM (aka Lady Sin Trayda) and EMILY YEE CLARE.

GIVING BIRTH TO YOURSELF: Poems for Combat is a collection of spoken word poems written by Kai Cheng Thom and designed by Emily Yee Clare. Drawing from the rich traditions of oral storytelling and slam, these are poems that scream and dance themselves off the page to explore the uncharted territory that is the intersection of identity, oppression, and queer femme magic. Poems that testify and pay tribute to the struggle of oppressed communities to make themselves heard and price we pay for survival. This is poetry for combat.

❧ Friday September 4th. Event starts at 8pm with performances at 8:30pm SHARP! ❧

❧ CEDA, 2520 rue Lionel-Groulx, Lionel Groulx Metro 
❧PWYC  ❧
❧ With snacks, mocktails & desserts! ❧

Facebook event is here




▲ Accessibility ▲

We will ensure that scent free soap is available in the bathrooms and at handwashing stations.

For childcare, please email or phone 514-398-7432 48 hours before the event.

For ASL interpretation, please email 48 hours before the event.

Metro tickets will be available at the event for participants who require them.

>> This is a scent free space!
This event strives to be a scent free space, which means that we are asking all participants, facilitators, and event goers to keep this in mind when they get prepped to come for our events and avoid using products with scents and chemically added fragrances, as some people with sensitivities to these chemicals can be harmed by their presence. Here’s some literature about scent-free policies if you want to read more:

>> What you can expect at this event:
This event will involve watching short performances from 8:30 to 10:00 pm as well as social time before and after the performances from 8:00 to 8:30 pm and from 10:00 to 10:30 pm. Interaction Signal Badges will be available at the reception table and we urge community members to join us in this activity. Badges are worn to indicate the level of social interaction that the wearer is comfortable with at that moment, showing green, yellow, or red (more info at

>> Information regarding the building:
CEDA is a community education centre and the building is structured similar to a school – the main entrance (2515 rue Delisle) is located in Parc Vinet and connects to a large hallway where the bathroom and water fountain are located. There are two steps that are approximately 20 cm tall outside the doors and 9 steps that are 17 cm tall inside this entry way with railings on either side. This hallway connects to the auditorium through two sets of double doors – watch your step, there are two steps down (15 cm each) just inside these doors (which open out into the hallway) with railing on either side.

For this event we invite all attendees to enter through the rear entrance, located via the parking lot at 2520 rue Lionel-Groulx – 1.5 flat blocks directly from the Lionel-Groulx metro station, which has an elevator from all metro platforms up to the street level. The door at this entrance will be held open for the duration of this event This entrance is via a ramp at a 6:7 gradient. The ramp is 90 cm wide and 18 meters long with one turn on the ramp.

There is an additional ramp inside the building to get from the entrance into the auditorium, where our event will be taking place. The gradient of this ramp is 11:1, it is 118 cm wide and 2.5 metres long. There is one accessible stall in the bathroom, the door to this stall opens out and is 81 cm wide. There is a horizontal grab bar in this stall and 91 cm of space next to the toilet.

>> Additional accessibility information:
The full accessibility audit is available online at this link ( and the comment function is enabled. Please feel free to comment anonymously, contact us via email or call QPIRG-McGill at 514-398-7432 for more information or to make suggestions regarding this information. QPIRG-McGill office hours are noon to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

>> Thank you RAAP and RAMP!
We were able to complete this audit because of the work done by the Radical Accessibility Audit Project – a partnerships with Accessibilize Montreal and the Community University Reserach Exchange (CURE), inspired by the RAMP Vancouver project – for more information or to complete an audit for the program please visit

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any other access needs, including food allergies, sensitivities, information about the building’s lighting, and so on.

♕ Presented by QPIRG-McGill, Rad Frosh & the authors and artists ♕