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Catching Up: Indigenous Studies Program, Events, and Journal

First, we’d like to sincerely apologize for the lack of activity on our website  – we had a server error which locked us out – but we are back now with lots of major updates:




The Indigenous Studies Minor Program was launched!

Read about it here:

Description of the Minor Program Here

Logo design by Marcy Maracle, member of the Indigenous Student Alliance

KANATA EVENTS – 2014-2015

We launched our 8th Volume on April 9th, 2015 and wish to thank everyone who came to the launch!


The Volume: 8

KANATA Executive Coordinators: Chris Gismondi & Caleb Holden

KANATA Executive Board 2014-2015: Ariane Carter, Mélanie Wittes, Ashley Vach, Marta Kolbuszewska, Jasmin Winter, Iain Childerhose, Rosie Hatton, Catherine Penney, and Jed Nabwangu

KANATA Editors-in-Chief: Caleb Holdern & Marta Kolbuszewska

KANATA Editors: Alexander Furneaux, Avelaine Freeman, Caroline Copeman, Casarina Hocebar, Emily Weatherbed, Evelyne To, Haya Rizvi, Jackie Cooper, Jacob Schweda, Jaky Kueper, Jennifer Yoon, Kate Harris, Kariane St-Denis, Mackenna Caughron, Michael Wrobel, Monica Allaby, Nicole Cerpnjak, Nina Patti, Varun Chandra, Vita Azaro

Guest Editorial: Dr. Allan Downey

Content Contributors: Marta Kolbuszewska, Stephani Willsey, Joanna Jordan, Jennifer Mueller, Robbie Madsen, Jasmin Winter, Sarah Swiderski, Chris Gismondi, Michael Klassen,  Sophie Beauregard, Aaron Blair, Cedar Eve-Peters, Joe Jaw Ashoona, , Ava Liu, David Searle, Mélanie Wittes, Clare Heggies, Jannika Nyberg, Émile Duschesne, Shariss Oster

Design Editor: Jay Rajpal

E-Version: KANATA Vol. 8 Winter 2015

KANATA’s Journal Seeks Submissions!

KANATA- Undergraduate Journal of the Indigenous Studies Community of McGill is calling for submissions for its fifth volume.

KANATA is an interdisciplinary journal with content that focuses on topics relating to Indigenous Peoples of North America.

Open Submissions: writing from any academic discipline (non-academic work of high quality accepted) and art submissions including paintings, photography, poetry, and short stories.

Submissions policy: KANATA prioritizes publishing undergraduate work. As well, in respect to academic submissions, priority is given to McGill students while submissions from outside of McGill are accepted.

Deadline for Submissions: February 14th, 2012

Send submissions to: mcgillnativestudiesjournal@gmail.com

For questions and/or more information please contact: mcgillnativestudiesjournal@gmail.com