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The QPIRG McGill Resource Centre is dedicated to providing hard-to-find books,  periodicals,  media,  and zines  that contribute to QPIRG McGill’s anti-oppression mandate and support its working groups. In addition to lending resources to McGill students and community members,  the Resource Centre is dedicated to promoting personal development and community building through the sharing and preservation of diverse forms of knowledge,  whether they are found in books or learned through skill-sharing.









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Join the Library Collective

We’re looking for more Library Collective members! The QPIRG McGill Resource Centre is run by a collective of interested and dedicated individuals. Together,  we decide on materials to purchase,  organize events,and help with a variety of special projects. The Resource Centre reflects the interests of its collective members,  and if there is a special project you would like to undertake or an existing project that you would like to get involved in,  you should consider working with or joining the library collective. Send an email to library.qpirgmcgill@gmail.com if you’d like to join!


Attention all current QPIRG McGill Library patrons!

We are now assigning membership numbers to all library users. If you have been a member for years,  you must update your membership information. Upon doing so,  you will obtain a membership number which you can then use to check out materials. For more information,  click on the Membership tab.


Library information:

3647 University
3rd Floor
Montreal PQ
H3Z 2P8

Monday - Friday 12 - 6 PM.
We regret that our space is not wheelchair accessible. If you are unable to access the space,please contact us and we'll be happy to work something out.

T 514-398-7432