Monster Academy: Mental Health Resource Callout

One of two QPIRG-McGill summer stipend projects, the “MONSTER ACADEMY: Mental Health Skills for Montréal Youth”, is working to create a curriculum for a social justice-oriented workshop series designed to provide accessible, anti-oppressive mental health skills training for youth aged 16-25.

We’re in the research phase right now and we would love your input and suggestions for relevant resources!

We’re interested in all kinds of resources, including blogs, zines, knowledgeable humans, research papers and books. Between the two of us we have backgrounds in psychology & social work as well as community organizing and access to research databases at both McGill and Concordia. Feel free to include resources written in French, as well.

Here are some topics we have been talking about:
-Anti-oppressive facilitation & mental health work with youth
-Anxiety and depression in youth populations
-Cultural competency/anti-oppressive dialogue in mental health literature
-Self-regulation techniques (cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical-behavioural therapy, mindfulness)
-Strategies for facilitation that is inclusive of and accessible to neuroatypical/neuro-diverse participants
-Anger, attachment, and abuse in sexual/romantic relationships between youth (esp queer, trans, non-gender binary, racialized and other populations not often talked about)
We are also happy to receive recommendations for any resources related to the overall goals of providing accessible, anti-oppressive, harm-reductive, engaging mental-health related peer/popular education to local youth.
Thanks in advance!!
Kai Cheng & Kota