Locations and Accessibility

Accessibility is a priority at Rad Frosh. Here are some of the measures we’re taking to make sure everyone gets the most out of their frosh experience. We’ll keep updating this as planning continues, but please contact us if you have specific questions or requests, we’re happy to chat over the phone or email!

  • The registration fee is on a sliding scale of $60 – $70 based on financial need, and full or partial bursaries are available to anyone who needs it in order to participate. Email us for more information or to request a bursary!
  • All Rad Frosh events are held in spaces with step-free access, and wheelchair accessible washrooms.
  • All indoor events are held in buildings with gender neutral washrooms.
  • Rad Frosh has a scent-free policy. This means that we ask all participants and facilitators to refrain from using chemically scented products, to allow those with chemical sensitivities to participate. Unfortunately, we cannot always ensure that common spaces in shared buildings will be completely scent free. Check back soon for more information on scent-free policies.
  • Interaction signal badges are provided to all participants and facilitators, and their use is encouraged throughout the weekend (the use of interaction signal badges originated at a conference by and for people on the Autism spectrum, and can also be useful for those who experience social anxiety).
  • Participants can opt to be in smaller Frosh groups if they prefer (groups as small as 3-5 participants).
  • Free vegan meals are provided for much of the weekend, with gluten-free options.
  • All venues will have non-fluorescent lighting
  • Harm reduction & active listening volunteers will be available at all evening events, as well as during workshops in the afternoon.
  • All participants will have the SSMU Crash Pad initiative available to them, meaning that they can choose to sleep at SSMU during Frosh if they live far away.

Accessibility Measures Available with 2-4 Weeks’ Notice:
To request any of these services, please contact us ASAP – we need at least 2 weeks notice to arrange to provide them! Please contact us with your requests even if you miss this deadline and we will do our best!

  • Childcare (for participants who are the primary caretakers of children)
  • The cost of adaptive or other alternative transportation can be reimbursed
  • Most additional dietary restrictions can be accommodated
  • Confirmation that guide / support animals are permitted at all venues.
  • ASL interpretation at selected events.

Further accessibility requests are welcome and encouraged, and the Coordinators will do their absolute best to meet any access needs that come to light.