Radical Guided Tours

Rad Frosh’s Radical Guided Tours are taking place Saturday, September 2nd from 2:30-4:30pm.

Participants will be able to choose one of the following tours:

  • The Milton Parc Story: Confronting Gentrification and Creating Co-operative Neighbourhoods

The goal of this workshop is to introduce McGill students to the story of Milton Parc, its vibrant history and reality of political struggles, particularly around housing rights, community control and ecology. Another goal is to break down the gap between McGill students and the neighbourhood so as to build nourishing connections and future collaborations based in social values.

This tour will be given by longtime residents of the Milton Parc community.

  • Montreal Trans History Tour

Want to learn more about the amazing history of Montreal’s trans communities? This is your chance! This tour will walk you through the city and help you discover more about the complexity of trans lives in Montreal and beyond, and tell the tales of transsexuals fighting for access to healthcare, beautiful girls organizing for their safety, and other important topic. A wonderful opportunity to learn more about a social movement & community only now getting the spotlight, but that has been on the frontlines of LGBT rights, feminism, sex workers’ advocacy and fighting against AIDS since before your birth!

The tour will be useful for everyone, from trans people who will write the next chapters of this history to allies and others who want to learn more about trans issues to anyone really who thinks trans people are amazing — don’t be shy, we know you think we’re awesome!

About the facilitator: Caroline Trottier-Gascon is a historian, advocate and educator. Her work focuses on transfeminism, neurodiversity and trans history. She completed her M.A. in history at the Université de Montréal.

  • Grassroots Initiatives in the era of Mile End Gentrification

Goals of the tour:
*talk about what folks think gentrification is, try to understand it better, and dismantle some myths?
*get to walk thru a neighbourhood that is/will-be inhabited by university students, and talk about the ways in which gentrification takes place, and what we (and others) can do to keep spaces relatively diverse/affordable/inclusive.
*get to visit two spaces that were created thru the spirit of collective-living and collective-organizing (the commons’):  The Plant (the arts venue that is also a collective living space) and the Champ des Possibles (the abandoned lot turned into a ‘wild’ city park thru the pressure of citizens and artists).

About the facilitator: my name is christian scott (he/they), mcgill alumni and mile end resident.  passionate about place-making in cities ruled by principles of collectivity/anarchy.

  • A (rad) bookworm’s guide to Montreal

Goals of the tour: To introduce participants to radical bookstores and libraries in downtown Montreal.


  • Montreal Monuments Tour

This year we celebrate the 375th anniversary of Montreal.

Those celebrations bring some thoughts on the foundation of the city and its founders. This tour will be articulated around monuments / non-monuments in Old Montreal and will help you to acknowledge the hidden stories behind those glorious representation of the founders /the city.

About the facilitator: Cecilia Bracmort is an French artist/curator living in Montreal for 4 years. Her body of work is questioning the layers of identity in our postcolonial/decolonial in progress societies.