Radical Guided Tours

Rad Frosh’s Radical Guided Tours are taking place Saturday September 3rd from 2:30-4:30pm.

Participants will be able to choose one of the following tours:

  • The Milton Parc Story: Confronting Gentrification and Creating Co-operative Neighbourhoods

The goal of this workshop is to introduce McGill students to the story of Milton Parc, its vibrant history and reality of political struggles, particularly around housing rights, community control and ecology. Another goal is to break down the gap between McGill students and the neighbourhood so as to build nourishing connections and future collaborations based in social values.

This tour will be given by longtime residents of the Milton Parc community.


  • A (Rad) Bookworm’s Guide to Montreal

This tour will introduce you to bookstores and libraries in Montreal that specialize in books, zines and DVDs on gender, sexuality, and radical politics as well as much more. You’ll also get a chance to hear about some cool book-related projects you can get involved in, and a bit of time to browse the bookshelves. We will be taking the metro; please bring your OPUS card if you have one. Metro passes will be provided if you do not.

About the facilitator: Mona learned to read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish when e was three, and hasn’t really stopped reading since. E thinks libraries are spaces of radical anti-capitalist potential, owns too many books and not enough bookshelves, and is finally pretty confident about not getting lost in Montreal after 6 years living here.


  • Demilitarize McGill: War, Imperialism, and the University

This tour will provide an overview of the campaign to Demilitarize McGill, which aims to end weapons research and other active military collaborations on the McGill campus. The tour will visit some of the places where research tied to weapons development is ongoing, and will provide space to contextualize this research in ongoing processes of settler colonialism and imperialism. The tour will also share information on past actions against military research on campus. We hope that the tour will be a space for participants to discuss and develop their own ideas and projects and get involved in the campaign.

This tour will be given by organizers with the campaign to Demilitarize McGill. For more info on the campaign, check out www.demilitarizemcgill.com.


  • Anti-Gentrification Struggles in St-Henri: A Guided Tour of Resistance to Landlords, Condo Developers, and Yuppies

St-Henri is a traditionally working-class neighbourhood currently on the forefront of the anti-gentrification struggle. It is also increasingly a ‘hip’ place to move for post-residence McGill students, and the site of Solin Hall (the expensive new home of many RadFroshees and a primary driver of property value increase in the area). This guided walking tour aims to provide context and arm students with crucial knowledge about the process of gentrification in the neighbourhood, including visiting the major condo developments, local tenants’ rights and advocacy organizations, and sites of militant confrontation/sabotage. The overall goal of the tour is to combat the alienation that separates students from their working class neighbours and that prevents them from being active participants in local anti-capitalist struggles.

About the facilitator: Fred Burrill is a community organizer with the POPIR-Comité Logement, and a participant in anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial struggles in Montreal.

  • Montreal Trans History Tour

Want learn more about the amazing history of Montreal’s trans communities? This is your chance! This tour will walk you through the city and help you discover more about the complexity of trans lives in Montreal and beyond, and tell the tales of transsexuals fighting for access to healthcare, beautiful girls organizing for their safety, and other . A wonderful opportunity to learn more about a social movement & community only now getting the spotlight, but that has been on the frontlines of LGBT rights, feminism, sex workers’ advocacy and fighting against AIDS since before your birth!The tour will be useful for everyone, from trans people who will write the next chapters of this history to allies and others who want to learn more about trans issues to anyone really who thinks trans people are amazing — don’t be shy, we know you think we’re awesome!

About the facilitator: Caroline Trottier-Gascon is a historian, advocate and educator. Her work focuses on transfeminism, neurodiversity and trans history. She completed her M.A. in history at the Université de Montréal.

  • Tour of the Gay Village

For more than 30 years the gay village has been a landmark of Montreal’s open nature. From police repression in the 80’s, through the AIDs crisis, the Village has a rich history that few know. This tour will highlight the neighbourhood’s history and the lived experiences of young people in order to take a critical look at the gay village, beyond popular media saturated discourses surrounding gay culture. The tour will reflect on the ways in which social development in the gay village has been overshadowed by economic and tourist endeavours. We will focus on subjects such as the socio-economic issues of the quartier (poverty, gentrification, pink-washing, sex work), the history of community symbols (the gay pride flag and the pride parade), the HIV crisis and its impact on gay activism, the place of minorities in the village (history of lesbian bars, disappearance of trans bars, police brutality, etc.), etc. Most of all, this tour aims to focus on the domination of certain gay identities over youth and the political mechanisms that allow it to function.