An Introduction to Radical Student Journalism at McGill

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the McGill Daily, the oldest and most radical newspaper on campus, and Le Délit, McGill’s only francophone student newspaper. This includes understanding what the newspapers represent, and how you can get involved and be part of the movement for more inclusive and responsible student journalism. Students will be given tutorials on how to pitch articles, write powerful stories, contribute visual content, and even join the Editorial Boards – this could be the first step in your student journalism and/or activism journey!
Bio: The workshop will be conducted by Coordinating Editor of the Daily Inori Roy, Managing Editor of the Daily Marina Cupido, Editor in Chief of Le Délit Mahaut Engérant, and other writers and editors from the Daily and Le Délit, and will include insights from graduated editors from previous years.

Be AMUSEd: A guide to fairness at work from the union that represents student-workers

The workshop will introduce students to the resources available to student-workers at McGill, to the concept of labour unions and labour solidarity in general, and to AMUSE more specifically! In doing so, it will offer some history of AMUSE as well as share experiences of current and/or former student-workers on campus, including Floor Fellows who work in first-year residences.

Bio: The Association of McGill University Support Employees (AMUSE) is the labour union representing temporary and part-time support employees in non-academic positions at McGill (including Work Study!), as well as Floor Fellows in student residences. AMUSE was certified in 2012 to represent casual non-academic employees (Unit A), and Floor Fellows unionized in 2014 to form Unit B. Most non-academic student-workers at McGill are AMUSE members!

How boycotting Birthright is an effective means to protest the Israeli State

Return the Birthright will take a critical view of the famous “free trip” for Jewish-identifying folks to come to Israel/Palestine. We will discuss Israeli injustice and the occupation and move on to explore the motives of Birthright and why Jewish folk should boycott the trip and why others should speak out against it!
Bio: Anna, Leora, and Hani are local #RadJews and members of McGill’s chapter of Independent Jewish Voices - an organisation that deals with anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and speaking out against the mainstream Zionist narrative to act in solidarity with Palestinian folks. As Jewish individuals, we all have nuanced views and are prepared to stand in solidarity with Palestine activists and to discuss Zionism/Israel in a specifically Jewish context to explore the nuances and emotions tied to the issues at hand. 

Intro to Food Politics in Campus and Community

Goals of the workshop:

- Introduce McGill students to Midnight Kitchen and the history of food on campus
- Show students our space and allow them to get to know MK and each other
- Guide and collaborate to educate froshies on how systems of oppression work
- Tie in anti-oppressive education to food politics
- Demonstrate the relevance of food politics locally
- Brainstorm personal opportunities for involvement
- Share resources for local and personal engagement with these issues

Bio: The Midnight Kitchen serves pay-what you-can vegan, nut-free lunches on weekdays @ 12:30 pm in room 302 of the SSMU building. As part of our social and political programming, we also organize educational events and workshops, support direct action and grassroots organizing, and also cook in solidarity for political and community based events that are keeping with our anti-oppression and political mandate.

Introduction to Body Positivity

This workshop will introduce the principles of body positivity and give participants tools to apply it in their daily lives. Discussions and exercises will aim to help us break through shame and body negative norms. We will examine the ways that intersecting systems of oppression create a culture that privileges some bodies and types of movement over others. The Facilitators will lead the group through stress relieving embodied movement and breathing activities. We will This workshop will introduce the principles of body positivity and give participants tools to apply it in their daily lives. Discussions and exercises will aim to help us break through shame and body negative norms. We will examine the ways that intersecting systems of oppression create a culture that privileges some bodies and types of movement over others. The Facilitators will lead the group through stress relieving embodied movement and breathing activities. We will leave the space with body positive goals set for our communities and ourselves.

Bio: Rae Dooley is a body positive trainer and physiotherapy technology student based in Montréal. Shannon Herrick is the founder of Queerobics Montreal, and a current masters candidate in kinesiology at McGill University.

Solidarity with Queer and Trans Prisoners

Come learn about the Prisoner Correspondence Project's (PCP) unique approach to solidarity organizing with incarcerated Queer and Trans people.  For over 10 years, the PCP has been building networks of solidarity between people in and out of prison through a penpal program, a free resource library, a monthly newsletter featuring writing from the inside, and popular education and political campaigns.  This workshop will include a brief overview of the history of prisons, some of the specific context that LGBTQ+ people in prison face, an introduction to the project, and more.  The workshop will also give you a chance to help directly on a political campaign for Trans prisoners in Canadian Federal Prisons.

Bio: The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a solidarity project for gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual and queerprisoners in Canada and the United States, linking them with people a part of these same communities outside of prison.


Trans Trenderz: Hip Hop & Trans Activism

When talking about activism we tend to picture academic written texts and theories that are not accessible to the folks they aim to empower. In the meantime, other more popular forms of activism are overlooked even though they have the potential to truly change our society. Amongst them: Hip Hop. From its creation in the 1970s Bronx, Hip Hop has given a voice to marginalized communities across the world and has influenced our society in a very significant way.
Trans Trenderz, a non-profit music organization, aims to develop and showcase trans artists from marginalized communities in order to switch the trans narrative in the media and provide accessible entertainment / activism to all.
Throughout this workshop, participants will be introduced to music produced by Trans Trenderz artists and be invited to reflect on the meaning of the lyrics they are listening to. The goal? Understand how to be a better cis ally while learning the importance of supporting accessible forms of Trans Activism.

Bio: Lucas Charlie Rose is a black trans-masculine artist, originally from France, who happens to be the founder of Trans Trenderz and an organizer with Black Lives Matter Montreal. His work has been featured in Afropunk, Vice, MontrealGotStyle and has been nominated for a 2017 Black Trans Advocacy award.

Transformative Justice and Decriminalizing HIV

The criminal justice system reinforces and often creates barriers to empathy and
understanding. In this workshop, we’ll unpack these distancing effects and learn about how the current system considers someone not disclosing their HIV status before sex a severe crime. We’ll talk, play games, and generally learn about the realities of transmitting HIV and the challenges around disclosing an HIV status to partners. We’ll also discuss alternatives to the criminal justice system and transformative actions that can make disclosing HIV and other STIs easier and safer.

Bio: ACCM is Montreal’s sole English-language HIV and Hep C service and prevention organization. We work to improve the lives of people living with HIV through food security programs, treatment information, a drop-in centre, counselling, and social gatherings. We also educate the public for HIV prevention and sex education and advocate for justice and well-being for people living with HIV.

Transformative Radio with CKUT 90.3FM

In a world where most media serves the interests of corporations and governments, voices become lost and communities divided. Media has to power to monger fear and hate towards entire groups of people. It has the power to construct the good from the bad, the safe from the dangerous, and the innocent from the guilty. This session will look at alternative media as a tool of resistance, with the potential to transform the relations of power maintained through mainstream media. We will go over some of the history of community radio, the role of alternative media today, and introduce some basic journalism skills, such as researching, interviewing, and recording sound. The audio recorded at this workshop will be broadcasted on CKUT 90.3FM, the campus-community radio station at McGill University.

Bio: Radio CKUT 90.3FM is a not-for-profit campus-community radio station at McGill University in Montreal, broadcasting live 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to the greater Montreal area and reaching a radius of 200 km and internationally at CKUT’s mandate is to provide an essential service to those in the Montreal community whose needs are not met by mainstream commercial radio. CKUT functions not only as an alternative to the status quo, but as a viable community resource. As hubs for technological education, social networking, collective mobilization, and political action, CKUT is committed to offering space and opportunities to students for social engagement. Find us on campus at broadcasting live, putting on a music show, organizing a panel discussion, and covering important events, or come by the station for our regularly scheduled station tours to get involved!

Visual Guide to Astrology

Learn astrology and queer archetypes in this introductory lesson on astrology. The workshop focuses on portraying the patterns in the western zodiac in a visual and easy to understand format and orienting our understanding of this ancient practice to align with our current queer AF values.

Bio: Mars Zhaus Gradiva is an epic weirdo who loves cats, astrology and playing guitar! He is also a man of trans experience and settler of turtle island.