As a community social and environmental justice centre that is open and accessible to students and the larger community, QPIRG offers a wide range of resources.


Our space includes computers with internet access and software for creative projects. We have phones and a fax machine as well as a photocopier. We have a comfortable space with couches and chairs for people to come and relax in our lounge and library, as well as to hold meetings and events.

Campus and community groups are welcome to book our library, lounge, or Board Room for their meetings and events, by filling out the room booking form available here. Each has a maximum capacity of about 12, and priority will be given to QPIRG staff, projects, and working groups.

The QPIRG staff are available to support you and your group and projects within the QPIRG mandate. If you have an idea, we can help make it a reality!


QPIRG McGill funds action-oriented research that supports our mandate of social justice and environmental activism. We provide several avenues for securing funding and support, enabling a diversity of groups and actors to participate.

Here are the different ways you can get funding from QPIRG-McGill:

  • Discretionary Funding – every two weeks the QPIRG McGill Board of Directors gives out $250.00 for one-off campus or community based event.
  • Working Group Funding – Working Groups are autonomous organisations, made up of students and community members, who undertake action and research into issues at the core of QPIRG McGill’s mandate. If you are interested in applying to be QPIRG Working group, look out for the application in late August of each year. New working groups can apply for a maximun of $250 (plus office support and much more) and returning working groups can apply for a maximun of $2,000.00.
  • Co-sponsorships – QPIRG often co-sponsors events, conferences, or other projects. A QPIRG co-sponsorship includes more than $250 worth of funding, as well as support from the QPIRG board and staff with the logistics, publicity, and other hands-on support for your event. Co-sponsorships are reviewed by the QPIRG McGill Board of Directors, and you can apply by sending a letter describing the event, budget and reasoning behind asking for a co-sponsorship.
  • Summer Research Stipends are intended to provide individuals with a budget/honorarium of $1,500-$3,000 to work over the summer doing research leading towards action and change within the Montreal community. Applications are accepted during April of every year. 


Workshops and Presentations

QPIRG McGill staff and Board offer workshops and trainings for organizations and collectives on social justice organizing, most frequently around issues of anti-oppression and consensus decision making . Our ability to offer workshops at any given point depends on our own capacity, and workshops are offered on a sliding scale depending on the capacity of each organization. We also provide referrals to other groups and individuals who may be able to provide the training you need.


You can ask our Board of Directors to endorse your event, project or initiative, if it fits within in our mandate. By endorsing your event, we can help promote it on our our e-mail list and via facebook and twitter. Send your endorsement requests to

Alternative Resource Library

QPIRG McGill’s Resource Library offers McGill students and the general public hundreds of books, manuals, directories and videos that you won’t find at university or public libraries in the city. Use the library free of charge and learn about the wonderful world of social justice including: race/anti-racism, dis/ability issues, radical feminism, queer issues and so much more!

Along with the resource centres of QPIRG Concordia and The 2110, QPIRG McGill’s Resources are searchable online at the Alternative Libraries Database:

Working Groups

QPIRG McGill’s working groups are groups, collectives, networks, projects, and campaigns based in Montreal that organizing around a wide variety of social and environmental justice issue. They receive logistical, financial, administrative, and other forms of support from QPIRG-McGill. Read more about our working groups here.