Alternative Resource Library

Our catalogue can be accessed at the Alternative Libraries Database.

The QPIRG McGill Resource Centre is dedicated to providing hard-to-find books,  periodicals,  media,  and zines  that contribute to QPIRG McGill’s anti-oppression mandate and support its working groups. In addition to lending resources to McGill students and community members,  the Resource Centre is dedicated to promoting personal development and community building through the sharing and preservation of diverse forms of knowledge,  whether they are found in books or learned through skill-sharing.


Library membership is open to everyone including those who are not students at McGill. Membership is free of charge. All you have to do is fill out a membership form located at the front of the library.

Get Involved


The QPIRG McGill Resource Centre is run by a collective of interested and dedicated individuals. If you are interested in helping out in the library, joining the collective, or starting your own special project through the library, you can get involved by filling out this form!


If you are getting rid of old books, periodicals, or DVDs that you think would be of interest to the users of our library, send us an email at!


In addition to accepting donations,  the library is a great opportunity to circulate your own zines. We also consider purchases from individual creators on a case-by-case basis.

Library Materials

All of our DVDs and books can be found on the Alternative Libraries Database. Some periodicals  and resource binders are not cataloged,  but can still be browsed in the library.


The library contains over one hundred DVD and VHS items, and is particularly strong in documentaries on indigenous rights and environmental issues.

Books and Periodicals

Library materials represent a broad range of subjects ranging from prison struggles to DIY guides about body activism. We are also unique in Montreal for having a well-developed collection specifically devoted to Women of Color materials.

Our periodical collection is composed of items we currently subscribe to as well as those which we no longer receive but are still available for patron use. Several magazines are in storage,  but can  be accessed on request.


We have zines from all over North America but we are especially interested in supporting local zine creators. The collection is particularly strong in zines with a DIY,  queer,  and anti-racist focus.

Resource Readings and PIRG Publications

Resource readings provide information in the form of pamphlets,  articles,  and locally produced texts. The readings are organized by subject and the library is especially strong in information dealing with the environment,  housing,  and political organizing in local contexts.

PIRG publications include reports compiled by QPIRG McGill and people who have undertaken summer research projects.

Sister Libraries

The QPIRG McGill Resource Library shares our catalogue with 3 other alternative libraries. We encourage users to check out these libraries as well:

QPIRG Concordia Alternative Library
The Centre for Gender Advocacy
The Union for Gender Empowerment


If you have a suggestion for purchase,  send it to