Event Co-Sponsorship Co-Patronage d’évènements

Event Co-Sponsorship

QPIRG McGill can support your event through a Co-Sponsorship arrangement. When QPIRG McGill co-sponsors an event, we do more than provide funding. Events selected for co-sponsorship are exciting and relevent to the organisation’s current goals. Our staff will dedicate time to helping organise the event, and we will help in event promotion as well. This is a more intimate process than receiving discretionary funding, and we can also provide greater amounts of funding to your co-sponsored event.

To apply for co-sponsorship, please fill out the form below.

GRIP-McGill peut appuyer votre évènement en le « co-patronant ».  Lorsque GRIP-McGill est co-patronne un évènement, nous pouvons offrir du soutien financier et nos employés peuvent vous aider à organiser et/ou faire la promotion de l’évènement. Dans le cas des « co-patronages », nous pouvons offrir plus de financement que le financement pour petits projets/évènements.