School Schmool is Seeking Art, Articles

School Schmool 2014 is looking for articles for this year’s radical organizer!

School Schmool is an ad-free, corporate-free and social justice-oriented resource guide and academic agenda that seeks to introduce McGill and Concordia students to important social and environmental issues. The Organizer is a resource that aims to bring together information, tools, and contacts to allow students to engage with important issues and groups at McGill, Concordia and in Montreal more broadly, such as indigenous sovereignty, biking, the People’s Potato, the Filipino Solidarity Collective, etc.

1. We are looking for folks who are interested in writing short (250-400 word) articles on the following topics:

– Gentrification/ class and racial stratification in the city
– Police Brutality and racial profiling
– Radical Mental Health
– Migrant justice on stolen native land
– Indigenous sovereignty
– McGill University and how they contribute to colonialism, capitalism, imperial projects etc
– Anarchism 101
– Intersectional Feminism
– Solidarity vs Charity
– History of the Student Strikes
– Language politics in Montreal (English and French dynamics, speaking colonial languages on stolen native land)
– D.I.Y guides
– Etc.

We are looking for content that is informative and interesting without being overly academic, that is fun to read, and that fits with our anti-oppressive mandate. We want to privilege the voices and words of folks from marginalized communities. Furthermore, we are hoping to ensure that the groups and issues being represented in School Schmool are being written for those from within those groups, or who are experiencing those issues first hand.

Please email: with the topic of the article(s) you would like to write, or if you would like to write about something that’s not included in the lists of topics, email us with an article proposal and we can talk about it! Many articles are already being solicited so we might already have someone writing on a certain topic. We also may not be able to publish every article we receive.

We welcome submissions in French!

The deadline for submissions will be June 29th at midnight!