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About School Schmool

School Schmool is your radical guide to your often unradical school. University can be more than an ivory tower, and this agenda highlights exciting ways to bridge the gap between academia and issues outside the classroom.

School Schmool dates back to 1994. It began as a bi-annual publication that brought together group profiles, articles, and practical resources of use to all students, especially those interested in environmental and social justice issues. It was resurrected as an agenda and resource book in the summer of 2006, and has been connecting the McGill, Concordia, and Montréal communities ever since.

Montréal has been an especially radical place this past year – situated at the centre of the largest student mobilization in Canadian history – and amidst an economic and social crisis that is spanning the globe.

The coming Apocalypse; and the upsurge in grassroots mobilizing, political resistance, and critiques of capitalism in the mainstream is largely due to the fact that the privileged are starting to learn what we queers, people of colour, women, and radicals have known for GENERATIONS – that the current social system sucks, that capitalism is inherently oppressive, and that alternatives are needed.

School Schmool is another tool in our arsenal. With three sections – The Issues to educate and inspire us, The Groups to help us get involved in the community, and The Agenda to keep us organized and on top of things – as well as an expanded website (www.schoolschmool.qpirgmcgill.org), we hope that this ad-free, anti-corporate organizer will be useful whether you are a new student, a seasoned veteran of rad activism, or just curious.

We know that it is the present society that is truly dystopian – its collapse can only mean our liberation: so bring on the Apocalypse!

In solidarity,

School Schmool

QPIRG Concordia 

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia is a resource centre for student and community research and organizing. We strive to raise awareness and support grassroots activism around diverse social and environmental justice issues.

Our work is rooted in anti-oppression analysis and practice. We seek to make campus-community links and inspire social change through engaging, inclusive, and non-hierarchical approaches. 

Our core projects include: the Study in Action conference, DisOrientation, the Community University Research Exchange (CURE), and our Resource Library. 

QPIRG also maintains an active schedule of events throughout the year, including speakers, films, skillshares, and other workshops. 

We support close to 30 working groups that organize on a wide variety of issues ranging from radical education and childcare to prison justice, from art skillsharing to migrant rights, from international solidarity to anti-police brutality work. 

We also publish Convergence, a journal of undergraduate and community research; School Schmool, an alternative student agenda; and At The Heart of Resistance, QPIRG Concordia’s Working Groups Journal.Both students and community members are welcome to make use of our space and resources and participate in QPIRG projects.

1500 de Maisonneuve O. #204
(514) 848-7585



The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill (QPIRG-McGill) is a student funded, non-profit organization that strives to raise awareness and motivate grassroots activism around diverse social and environmental justice issues. Here’s a quick guide to our resources and events. 


QPIRG-McGill is run by a student and community member volunteer Board of Directors, elected through campus-wide elections each March. The Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions pertaining to the operation of the organization. 


The QPIRG Library offers McGill students and the general public hundreds of books, films, zines, and magazines that you won’t find at universities or public libraries in the city. 

Radical Frosh

Rad Frosh is an alternative orientation program for incoming first-year students. Running alongside faculty frosh programs, Rad Frosh brings a fresh, political, and active approach to introducing new students to life at McGill and in Montréal.

Summer Research Stipends

QPIRG’s Summer Stipend is intended to provide individuals or groups with a budget/honorarium for $3,000 to work over the summer doing research leading towards action and change within the Montréal community.

Film Series

QPIRG, often in association with our working groups, presents an annual program of films that deal with specific issues. All films are free of charge.

Discretionary Fund

QPIRG’s discretionary funding program aims to provide support for external, non-QPIRG-affiliated groups and individuals to conduct short-term action-oriented social change projects or events both on- and off- campus. Proposals are reviewed by QPIRG’s Board of Directors bi-weekly, and a sum of $250 is allocated each time.


QPIRG-McGill offers meeting space, computers, phones, and other resources to groups and community organizations free of charge. Call to make sure space is available.

Working Groups

Working Groups, autonomous organizations that work with and under QPIRG’s mandate, are the heart of QPIRG. QPIRG-McGill’s working groups organize around a plethora of issues, ranging from environmental concerns, to research for social change, to queeractivism, to HIV/AIDS campaigns.

3647 University, 3rd Floor
(514) 398-7432

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