About Qpirg and SJD

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community. With such a broad mandate, QPIRG brings together a wide range of activists interested in many different issues.

Social Justice Days is an annual event series that is organized and funded by the Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill University (QPIRG-McGill) and the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). Intended to stimulate an alternative political culture in the McGill community and beyond, Social Justice Days is marking it’s 13th year with a week and a half of workshops, discussions, film screenings, and social events engaging local and global issues. Social Justice Days testifies to the diversity of critical political engagement on the McGill campus, and offers students concrete opportunities to get active in their community.

This year, events will take place February 7th-February 19th in collaboration with numerous students, community organizers, and organizations, including but not limited to the Bouteloua Collective, The Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance, Black History Month at McGill, Project 10, and the Anonycrip (Non)Reading Group.