Parties & Demonstrations

Annual Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Saturday, February 14th, at 3pm
Cabot Square, Montreal, Quebec

This march was founded in Vancouver in 1991 by a group of Native women and frontline workers in response to the negligent response by police in the case of the murder of a Coast Salish woman. In it’s 6th year in Montreal, the purpose of the march is to commemorate the lives of missing and murdered women and girls of all backgrounds, but with a
particular emphasis on Native women and girls, as this brutal violence affects their communities disproportionately. The march will also seek to raise awareness among the general population and in the media about the deeply systemic nature of this gendered and racial violence.

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The Self-Love Cabaret: l’amour se conjugue à la première personne

Saturday, February 14th
Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8pm
Cafe l’Artère, 7000 Avenue du Parc
PWYC (5-10$)- No one turned away for lack of funds

For the 3rd year in a row, Montréal-based artist Kama La Mackerel is curating “The Self-Love Cabaret: l’amour se conjugue à la première personne!” Presented as part of QPIRG-McGill’s Social Justice Days, The Self-Love Cabaret is an anti-Valentine’s artistic manifesto that seeks to challenge consumerist and capitalist aspects of Valentine’s Day in an attempt to celebrate oneself and the love for oneself, as opposed to the celebration of coupledom.

This year, the Self-Love Cabaret features six outstanding Montreal-based artists of color:

– Elena Stoodley

– Kim Ninkuru

– Lady Sin Trayda

– Malek El Hayja

– Nada Khashaba

– Winnie SuperHova

Join those artists for an evening of self-love with an explicitly feminist, queer and anti-colonial mandate! There will be poetry, projections, music, dance and a few surprises. The evening will be hosted by Kama La Mackerel.

It is possible to enter Cafe l’Artère in a wheelchair, but there is no automatic button on the front door. The bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. The closest accessible bathrooms are at the McDonalds’ on Parc and Jean Talon, 220 metres away (this door is broken right now but may be fixed by the time Social Justice Days rolls around!)

The Facebook event is here!