Summer Research Stipend Applications Open

 QPIRG McGill Call for Applications
(2) Summer Research Stipends
Deadline: Noon on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Summer Stipend Callout 2014 FINAL

 The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill (QPIRG-McGill) is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community. QPIRG-McGill operates with anti-oppression mandate.

Project Description:

QPIRG -McGill’s summer research stipend is intended to provide two individuals or groups with a budget/honorarium of $1,500-3,000 to work over the summer (May-August) doing research leading towards action and change within the Montreal community.  We encourage all interested groups or individuals to apply!

 Examples of past summer research stipends:

  • Creating a workshop module on decolonization struggles in “Canada”
  • Producing a zine on surviving on the Outside, for women and girls recently released from prison
  • · Writing a manual for high school teachers on incorporating queer issues into the curriculum.
  • · Producing a documentary film on the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP).
  • · Organizing a bilingual walking tour of Montreal’s southwest neighborhood that aimed to draw out the history of struggle and present day battles against gentrification.

 Successful applicants will convince the selection committee that

(1) Their project fits into QPIRG mandate to promote social and environmental justice, and operates on principles of anti-oppression;

(2) The research will be useful for the Montreal community, and won’t just sit on a shelf when it’s done; and

(3) The applicant(s) has appropriate experience and background to undertake the project, and can reasonably be expected to finish the project within the allotted time frame

Note: Projects with long-term action and/or campaign-oriented goals and/or applicability to other projects and campaigns will be prioritized

Responsibilities of stipend recipients:

  • Complete the research project as outlined in your initial application, with major changes to the project to be approved by QPIRG-McGill Board or staff
  • · Outline with the QPIRG Finance Coordinator the method and payment plan for the stipend (NOTE: funding is allotted by project, so if applying as a group, it is your responsibility to divide the stipend among group members);
  • · Meet with a staff liaison and/or QPIRG board member to give updates on the progress of the project/get support at least once per month through the duration of the summer;
  • · Give at least two reports to the QPIRG Board through the summer;
  • · Produce a final written report of the project giving a summary of the organizing that was done;
  • · Provide QPIRG with final results of the summer research project;
  • · Consider presenting the research at a QPIRG-McGill event in the future (such as: Rad Frosh, Social Justice Days, Culture Shock or otherwise!);
  • · Present the project at QPIRG’s Annual General Meeting in spring of 2015;
  • · Acknowledge   QPIRG-McGill’s contribution to the project on all publicity material.
  • ·

The application should include:

1) A letter of introduction that outlines the objectives of the project, the needs it addresses, and how it fulfills the above criteria. (MAX: 2 Pages)

2) A CV of the main coordinators, or group, including the contact information of two references

3) A timeline of your project, with clear goals for each month as well as any follow-up work to occur throughout the Fall and Winter

4) A budget of estimated expenses for the project (i.e. long distance calls, material purchases, travel, printing, etc.). Your budget is meant to cover both project expenses and an honorarium for the researchers. Please note: QPIRG-McGill will be funding two research projects this summer, and will allocate between $1,500 and $3,000 to each. Please ensure that your budget is within this range.

Employment Equity:

QPIRG-McGill recognizes and welcomes the unique contributions that individuals from diverse communities bring to our organization, and invites individuals from these communities to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the unique contributions they, as individuals with diverse experiences, would bring to the QPIRG -McGill organization, in the cover letter or resume. Work experience at QPIRG is not a pre-requisite for the position, nor will it privilege your applicationPlease indicate in your proposal if you would like to be considered for employment equity (full policy available upon request).

Submit your application by noon on Wednesday, April 30th, in one of four ways:

  1. Via email at with “STIPEND APPLICATION” in the subject line.
  2. Fax it to (514) 398-8976.
  3. Drop it off at 3647 University, 3rd floor between 11h and 17h Monday to Friday (just south of Des Pins, metro McGill – please note that QPIRG is not a wheelchair accessible space).
  4. Sent by mail to: QPIRG McGill, 3647 University Street 3rd Floor, Montreal, QC H3A 2B3 (it must arrive before the deadline).


Are you interested but not sure if your idea would be accepted? Have lots of energy to commit to a project but fresh out of ideas? Have questions about our selection processes or the project? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 514-398-7432,or Or drop by our office: 3647 University (metro McGill), 3rd Floor, Mon-Fri, 12-6.  

Please note: QPIRG-McGill is not a wheelchair accessible space. However, the summer research stipends do not require recipients to be present at our physical offices, and so we encourage applicants of all abilities to apply for funding.