Cheque Requests and Expense Reports Demande de Paiement et Compte Rendu des Dépenses

This form is meant for QPIRG-McGill working groups to submit their expense reports and cheque requests online. Please note that an “endorser” is meant to refer to another member of your working group, other than yourself and other than the person receiving the reimbursement.

Basic Information

Name of Working Group

Name of Member Submitting Request

Email of Member Submitting Request

Name of Endorser Submitting Request

Email of Endorser Submitting Request

Date of Expense (if applicable)

Nature of Expense

Amount to be Reimbursed ($)

Name to Which the Cheque Should be Made Out To

If the Cheque is to be mailed, please provide the address

Please Attach Your Scanned Receipts and Invoices

Working Group Cheque Request and Expense Reports”]