We are currently undergoing a much needed process of reflection on our group’s organizing. The context in which this group was founded is much changed, and with more Indigenous led resources and groups on campus, there is a need to restructure and re-envision what the role and place of a group such as this is. As part of this process, building and mending relationships between the predominantly non-Indigenous coordinating team and Indigenous students on campus as well as in the community is currently our group’s primary focus. Thus, we have decided to postpone publishing our next volume so that the journal can more accurately reflect the processes which our mandate intended. In the interim, we will be accepting rolling submissions. More importantly, we will be changing our name so that it no longer misrepresents the group as primarily Indigenous student led. The name was chosen by Indigenous advisors many years ago, but given the context of widespread appropriation it has received necessary critiques from Indigenous students on campus. Thus, changing the name is an important and vital step in (re)building relationships in order to avoid inadvertently reproducing harmful patterns. As such, working in consultation with the Indigenous Student Alliance and Indigenous students on campus, we are changing the name to McGill Student Indigenous Studies Journal.

We thank you all for your understanding and please feel free to get in touch.

The McGill Student Indigenous Studies Journal team